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Weekly Update 9.13.16

By In News & Updates On September 12, 2016

Tuesday Folders are FULL today of student work samples, school forms, and more. Please take time looking through and responding to paperwork. Most student work samples will come home graded with a 1, 2, 3 or 4 after this week.

Be on the Lookout for…

  • 3rd grade students will take the Beginning of Grade (BOG) assessment today. This is a reading test which shows what students already know, sets a benchmark to measure growth against this year, and serves as a Read to Achieve exemption if students score high enough. To learn more about Read to Achieve, please see the white handout in the Tuesday folders this week.
  • Individual PICTURE DAY is approaching- Tuesday 9/20. Please see folders for order form and information.
  • Mrs. Vaughan is asking you quickly fill out a checklist for me in the folders as well. If you have any questions regarding the list, email me or message me through class dojo!
  • Our school will be participating in International Dot Day this Thursday, 9/15. Please sent your child to school in dots to help us celebrate:) Mr. Moore will be looking for spirit all over our school!
  • If you haven’t already, please follow us on twitter @MrsVaughan3 so you can check out the great things happening in our room in real time. Students earn points for followers they bring to our page!

This week in Literacy:

Students are continuing literacy assessments this week in the areas of fluency, comprehension and context clues. These will help give us an idea of what students know and give us a baseline on how far students will grow this year.

We are also learning about characters- their traits and motivation, and how their actions impact the story. Students will practice telling basic story elements and answering right there questions.

In writing, we are having a great time writing a personal narrative about an injury we have had. The more details, the better the story!

This week in Math:

We are moving onto subtraction strategies, but that is not to say all students are proficient with addition with regrouping yet. I will continue to spiral in review of these skills all quarter.

Subtraction, particularly with multiple borrowing pots or across zeroes is extremely difficult for 3rd graders. I will teach them a variety of methods so please be open minded to what strategy will work best for your child. If frustration levels are reached when doing homework, write me a note or send me an email. I want to address it asap! Here is a helpful tutorial that may assist your child with getting on track with difficult subtraction. Some practice games can be found here. Word- borrowing

A year long “Scope and Sequence” which lays out our math curriculum pacing for the year can be found here

This quarter in social studies: In 1st quarter, students will learn about Civics and Government.

Objectives for this quarter are:

3.C&G.1 Understand the development, structure and function of local government.
3.C&G.2 Understand how citizens participate in their communities.

This quarter in science: In 1st quarter students will focus on the Human Body.

Objectives for this quarter are:

3.L.1 Understand the human body systems and how they are essential for life: protection, movement, and support.
3.L.1.1 Compare the different functions of the skeletal and muscular systems.
3.L.1.2 Explain why skin is necessary for protection and for the body to remain healthy.

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