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Weekly Update 8.31.21

By In News & Updates On August 31, 2021

Thank you for remembering to stop by and check in to our weekly updates. Don’t forget to locate the secret word below and write it in your child’s agenda for an extra class dojo point.

Be on the Lookout for…

  • Tuesday folders are coming home today. Work samples will make their way home in 2 weeks. Please return any necessary papers.
  • Students will take the Beginning of Grade State reading test (aka BOG) in class next week on Thursday, September 9th at 9:30. This is not a grade and just gives us baseline data to better serve your child. Results will be sent to you a few weeks after. Please let me know ASAP if your child will not be here that day.
  • Our first of 4 Scholastic Book Orders is coming home today. This is an awesome way to get your child motivated to read, and ordering online earns free books for our classroom! Please consider looking through the pages with your child. Just click this link here for easy ordering! Our class code is: GPPF6 and the deadline is Wed, Sept 12 by 4:00 pm. Thanks! word-scholastic
  • Thank you for all the generous donations to our classroom supplies via the Amazon wish list or class list. Your generosity is very much unexpected and appreciated. You have one happy teacher over here!
  • My students love reading virtual books on Epic, and I want to share a special offer on an at-home subscription. Epic Unlimited gives them anytime access to all the best books, and for a limited time you can save 43% with my link:

This week in Literacy:

Students are beginning literacy assessments this week in the areas of fluency, comprehension and context clues. These will help give us an idea of what students know and give us a baseline on how far students will grow this year.

We are also learning about theme and the “gist” of a stories from all over the world. Our goal is to see and connect learning challenges all people face. So far we have been to Pakistan, Columbia, and Chad!

This week in Math:

We are continuing to connect repeated addition and patterns to open our minds to multiplication and division concepts.  Memorization of facts is not the goal (YET…) rather, I want to ensure students know when and WHY multiplication should be used. There are tons of great resources for this skill- please check some out here in this amazing math review resource organized by skill.

A year long “Scope and Sequence” which lays out our math curriculum pacing for the year can be found here

This quarter in science: In 1st quarter students will focus on Body Systems; specifically The skeletal, muscular and skin systems.

Objectives for this unit are:

3.L.1 Understand human body systems and how they are essential for life: protection, movement and support.

3.L.1.1 Compare the different functions of the skeletal and muscular system.

3.L.1.2 Explain why skin is necessary for protection and for the body to remain healthy.

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