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Weekly Update 5.9.17

By In News & Updates On May 9, 2017

There is a LOT of info today- please read carefully and Be on the Lookout for…

  • Thank you for all the love you are sharing this week for Teacher Appreciation Week! I definitely didn’t go into this profession for the perks, but your cards, treats, and gifts are making me feel like a rockstar!
  • There is a teacher workday this Friday May 12th (woohoo, our first in 2017!). This is a holiday for students.
  • 4th quarter interim reports are coming home TODAY. Please sign and return ASAP. word- interims
  • Time is running out! Student conferences begin this week! Thank you to all who have signed up for the Spring Student Led Conferences. If you have not, or need to check your time, please visit the link asap!
  • Yearbooks came home today. You must PURCHASE these to keep. If you do not wish to keep, please return to school. Do NOT allow students to write in these if you plan on returning them!
  • This is the last week for Multiplication Quizzes! Tuesdays and Thursday will be makeups for ANY quiz students want to make up. These are timed on a visible stopwatch for student goals only, not countdown as a “it has to be done by this time” manner. Students should be able to answer the 16 questions in under 2 minutes to be considered “fluent”. Students will record their time on the back of their quiz, and their pieces earned on the sundae picture that is housed inside a plastic sheet in their agenda. 
  • The Multiplication Ice Cream Sundae party is THIS Thursday, May 11th. Everyone, please visit the signup page to volunteer items and/or your time to make this sundae party a success!
  • Mark Your Calendars- EOG Dates! These are right before and right after Memorial Day, which I know is inconvenient but unavoidable this year. It is SOOOOOOO important your child is present for the test so they can take it with ME, in THEIR classroom, in an environment they are familiar with. If they are late or absent, these conditions cannot be guaranteed. Friday, May 26th Grade 3 Reading and Grade 5 Science Tuesday, May 30th Grade 3 Math & Grade 4 Reading
  • Mrs. Vaughan’s wish list! It’s that time of year where supplies are running low and we need some help from parents. Our class is in need of: colored dry erase markers, sheet protectors, and eraser caps. If you are able to assist with this, it would be greatly appreciated and your child could earn dojo points!

This week in Literacy:

Students are heading into our last major unit of our reading for this year. Students will revisit the concept of government through 3 texts related to the subject. We will also spend a good deal of our reading and writing time beginning to review for the big ole test at the end of this month! I don’t want to overload anyone with copies and tasks, so Please email me to request any additional test materials you’d like to work on from home.

This week in Math:

Students are wrapping up a metric measurement unit with a final test today. Tomorrow, we begin EOG review! Please keep an eye out for materials coming home that will need to be reviewed/corrected. We want to hit struggle points early and frequently as we prepare for this test.

Last week students brought home a Summative Math Review packet for homework. It covers everything we have learned this year and need to know for the EOG. This is due MONDAY MAY 15. It can be done at whatever pace works for your child. Please note areas your child struggles with and let me know if there is something you would like extra practice on. Make sure they SHOW WORK, so YOU can see THEIR thinking!

Current vocab: grams, kilograms, metric, liters, milliliters, meters, centimeters, inches

Concepts to review: place value, addition with regrouping, subtraction with borrowing, rounding to the nearest 10 and 100, quadrilateral, parallelogram, trapezoid, rectangle, square, rhombus, arrays, repeated addition, area, perimeter, rectilinear area, commutative property (flip flop rule), number line, product, distributive (break apart method), associative property, graphs, pictographs, bar graphs, numerator, denominator, unit fraction, partition, number line, visual model

A year long “Scope and Sequence” which lays out our math curriculum pacing for the year

This quarter in Science:

Students are beginning a Plant and soil unit this week! Sta tuned for what we need from you to make learning come to life! 3.L.2- Understand how plants survive in their environments.

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