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Weekly Update 4.13.21

By In News & Updates On April 13, 2021

Happy 4th quarter!

  • Tomorrow, April 14th is an asynchronous Day for students. They have assignments posted to Google Classroom and students have been shown how to do them. Mrs. Vaughan will be in a reading training from 8-4 tomorrow so replying to questions may be slower than usual. Please encourage your child to read each step of the directions as these should be clear and helpful!
  • Report Cards came home last Friday in your child’s HOME folder. Please be sure to review these.
  • If you are interested in a Spring conference, those will be held the week of May 3-7. Please message me some times that week that will work for you and we can make it happen!

This week in Literacy:

Students will read the historical fiction text “Back of the Bus” and next week will be working through “Brave Girl” as we look at how character actions define them and change the course of the story. Both stories connect to social studies topics we have researched this year, Civil Rights and Immigration! Students will work on opinion writing for the next few weeks by exploring the topic of animals in captivity in Zoos. Encourage your child to provide “proof” for their opinions at home whether it’s what food choice they prefer or what movie they want to watch, or something more significant!

This week in Math:

The last remaining unit of our math curriculum begins this week with some more measurement concepts. Students will learn about US Customary measurement of length (in, ft, yd, mile), capacity (cup, pint, quart, gallon), and weight (oz, lb, ton). To assist parents in helping their kids I have included a guide to these standards in Tuesday folders this week. I know I had to refresh myself on some of these, so hopefully this makes things easier! word-measurement

Here is a parent guide for helping you and your student understand our main learning outcomes

Current vocab: hour, minute, elapsed time, interval, quarter till, quarter after

Concepts to review: place value, addition with regrouping, subtraction with borrowing, rounding to the nearest 10 and 100, quadrilateral, parallelogram, trapezoid, rectangle, square, rhombus, arrays, repeated addition, area, perimeter, rectilinear area, commutative property (flip flop rule), number line, product, distributive (break apart method), associative property, graphs, pictographs, bar graphs, numerator, denominator, unit fraction, partition, number line, visual model

This week in Science:

3.E.2 Compare the structures of the Earth’s surface using models or three-dimensional diagrams. 3.E.2.1 Compare Earth’s saltwater and freshwater features (including oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, ponds, streams, and glaciers). 3.E.2.2 Compare Earth’s land features (including volcanoes, mountains, valleys, canyons, caverns, and islands) by using models, pictures, diagrams, and maps.

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