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Weekly Update 11.7.17

By In News & Updates On November 7, 2017

Be on the Lookout for…

  • This Friday, 11/10 is Veterans Day and will be a holiday for students. Enjoy a day off and be sure to thank a Veteran!
  • This year’s book fair is now over. Thank you to all who purchased, volunteered, and donated books to our classroom. We will do another Scholastic Book Order in the beginning of December if you are still hoping for some holiday gift books:)
  • This Thursday, 11/9, 3rd grade will have a pajama day since we missed it last week with our field trip. Slippers are fine, but please provide alternate shoes for PE and/or recess time.
  • If you haven’t already, Please fill out this Google form to help me gather contact information for our room parent. It will take less than a minute! Thanks:)
  • Tuesday folders will NOT come home this week.
  • Students created #owlsome Planet Slides where they incorporated their research, alien creation, and planet findings into a beautiful presentation. Ask your child to share these with you via their Google drive today!
  • Our class is more than halfway finished with Wonder, but we still have a ways to go. I also know the theatres may be packed opening weekend and Thanksgiving weekend. For this reason, let’s plan to do our class trip to Wonder on Sunday, December 3rd in  the afternoon. We won’t have exact times until a few days before but if you’d like to join me on this optional gathering please mark this date down. Everyone is welcome:)
  • Report cards came home last Friday 11/3. Please sign and return the envelope.
  • The Carolina Hurricanes have partnered with WCPSS to motivate kids to read! We are jumping on board in hopes we will motivate readers and win some free hockey tickets! Please use the link to log reading minutes and use the printed calendar so I can award dojo points weekly for completion. This will also help keep track in case your child can’t make it to a device to log nightly. You can backdate, catch up, etc as needed. 

This week in Literacy:

Students began the chapter book, The Year of Miss Agnes. We will identify character traits and how these impact story events. We will also dive into point of view and main idea. Students have learned a lot about the Allakaket Alaskan region already and will continue to apply their knowledge in reading and social studies these next few weeks. Check out this awesome map which shows the actual locations mentioned in the story, and photos which display some of the topics covered in this book. Students will make one of these maps in social studies this week!! word- Alaska

This week in Math:

Students are working primarily with UNKNOWNS and the PROPERTIES for multiplication (commutative, distributive, and associative) and are continuing to solve MULTI STEP addition, subtraction, multiplication and division through number lines, arrays, visual models, and more!  Multiplication/division will be the MAJOR focus on 2nd quarter. Memorization of facts is not the goal (YET…) rather, I want to ensure students know when and WHY multiplication should be used. There are tons of great resources for this skill- please check some out here in this amazing math review resource organized by skill.

Concepts to review: place value, addition with regrouping, subtraction with borrowing, rounding to the nearest 10 and 100, quadrilateral, parallelogram, trapezoid, rectangle, square, rhombus, arrays, repeated addition, commutative property (flip flop rule), number line, product, distributive (break apart method), associative property

A year long “Scope and Sequence” which lays out our math curriculum pacing for the year can be found here

This quarter in Social Studies: This quarter we will have fun exploring geography across the world and in our own region. We will study how people use their land and what causes people to change their locations.

3.G.1 Understand the earth’s patterns by using the 5 themes of geography: (location, place, human-environment interaction, movement and regions)

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