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Weekly Update 11.30.21

By In News & Updates On November 30, 2021

Be on the Lookout for…

  • Tuesday folders will come home today.
  • Our field trip will be 1/28 to the NC Museum of Science in downtown Raleigh. Please return any field trip forms and submit payments ASAP. If you are interested in being a chaperone, please contact the office via phone or email Maria Stio to ensure you are a registered volunteer with WCPSS. This must be renewed each year. One additional note, I need to know the exact name the parent uses to register (Ex. HR cannot search for “Kate” if she registered as “Katherine”). A different name other than what I provide to HR will result in parent showing as “Not Approved”.
  • Thank you to all who have sent a family photo or holiday card in for our family tree in the classroom. It’s such a fun addition to our learning space!

This week in Literacy:

In Unit 2 of our Frogs Module, students will focus on becoming good researchers by reading and rereading to find answers to questions. We will work on locating and using a variety of text features, then use new found knowledge to eventually create a research piece and Freaky Frog trading card!

This week in Math:

We are continuing multiplication and division strategies in unit 4 for the next several weeks. We are reviewing the strategies used in multiplication (Number line, repeated addition, skip counting, arrays, and equal groups drawings) and will also cover unknowns and the PROPERTIES for multiplication (commutative, distributive, and associative). We will continue to solve MULTI STEP addition, subtraction, multiplication and division through number lines, arrays, visual models, and more!  Multiplication/division will be the MAJOR focus on 2nd quarter. Memorization of facts is an expectation come January! May as well start prepping now! 

There are tons of great resources for this skill- please check some out here in this amazing math review resource organized by skill.

This week in science:

Students have an at-home science project to complete over the next few weeks. I am attaching a copy of the slide that is in their Google Classroom here. Projects are due IN PERSON (with slides completed and turned in prior to) on Dec 15th. We will play games in class on Dec 16th! Thank you for your support with this fun end to our science unit. Please let me know of any questions you may have! word-carnival

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