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Weekly Update 10.5.21

By In News & Updates On October 5, 2021

Be on the Lookout for…

  • Picture Day is TOMORROW, October 6th. These are individual pictures only. Class pics will hopefully happen in the Spring.
  • Next Monday, October 11th is a Teacher Workday. There is no school for students that day.
  • Tomorrow after lunch, students will have STAR math testing. This is a new math benchmark that will do for math what MClass does for reading. Students will need to have a charged device for testing!
  • I have checked the status again of our Scholastic book order. It is still in transit, but like everything else being mailed these days it is delayed. It should be here soon. Thank you for your patience. 

This week in Literacy:

Students are working through a story about an injury they have endured. Our focus is on writing organized sentences and paragraphs that use good details and utilize transition words (first, next, then, etc). We will also take a look at our written reading test about Mongolia from last week to better understand our scores. These are coming home today. If you’d like to see the exemplar sample of this assessment, please scroll pages 12 and 13 in the document attached here.

This week in Math:

There are some blue cheat sheets coming home in agendas today. Please keep those in agendas so they can be used at school and at home during unit 3 which focuses on a variety of addition and subtraction of methods.  We do teach regrouping as a strategy this year (yay, finally the way you learned growing up), but it is alongside the methods they have been taught previously to ensure core understanding. Some of these may NOT be familiar to you as parents so it is VERY important to use the example coming home from what students did that day. Some very helpful parent links to what we are doing can be found here: Place Value Addition    Show All Totals/Partial Sums   Addition on a # Line   Place Value Subtraction  Subtraction on a Number Line 

I am noticing some major gaps in what students SHOULD know, so please look over assignments with them to ensure they understand. If frustration levels are reached, write me a note or send me an email. I want to address it asap! word-regrouping

This quarter in Social Studies

3.H.1.2 Explain the lasting impact historical events have had on local communities.

3.C&G.1.1 Compare the structure and function of both state and local government.

3.C&G.1.2 Classify the roles and responsibilities of leaders in state and local government.

3.G.1.3 Explain how movement of goods, people, and ideas is impacted by the geography of a place or region.

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